Falke Pisano

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Falke Pisano

Work from The Body in Crisis.

“The Showroom presents a new exhibition by Dutch artist Falke Pisano. Sculpture, video, print, drawing and installation work are brought together in the latest iteration of Pisano’s The Body in Crisis series (2011- ), an ongoing investigation into the human body at historical moments of crisis. It will be the most significant presentation of her work in the UK to date.

Pisano’s research centres on six historical moments: Pergamon 199; Amsterdam 1571; Paris 1793; Mons 1915; Paris 1974; Houston 1984. Each marks a change on body experience (be these institutional, administrative or physical); from the Roman theory of the four ‘humors’, to the shift from feudalism to industrialisation, to the experience of shellshock in the First World War, to the privatisation of prison labour. Histories of housing, medicine, architecture, gender, art, economic and social environments intersect within Pisano’s research.

The backbone of the exhibition is the work Structure For Repetition (not Representation) (2011- ): a large-scale wooden and fabric structure, which is both a sculpture in its own right and also provides a display architecture for images and text. Two video works explore “bodies in conditions of hunger, poverty, war and exclusion”. Archival visual material and texts illustrate structures that have been used to present and represent the body at different historical moments.” –The Showroom

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