Heeseop Yoon

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Heeseop Yoon

Work from her oeuvre.

“Heeseop Yoon (NY) uses “organizational lines” and narrow black masking tape to explore concepts of perception. Organizational lines are used to map the structure of a realistic drawing. These lines, by definition, are drawn and later erased, but they serve to measure the composition and guide the proportional adjustment of represented objects. Yoon’s subjects—interiors of junk shops and storage facilities—test the ability of the line to make order out chaos.

Working from photographs, Yoon draws her subject matter freehand on sheets of transparent polyester film that are later attached to the gallery wall. She retains her exploratory sketches, her mistakes, and the corrections on each drawing. The lines not only situate the forms in the clutter, they also cross over, search out, and assess the entire scene.

Each and every line—including the mistakes—becomes indelible when the black tape manifests its path. The multiple lines, made uniform by the one-quarter-inch tape, take on a kinetic effect and sense of immediacy. They work together to make the image less clear. The resulting paradox interests Yoon: the more she looks, the less she believes in the accuracy or reality of the drawn images.” –John Michael Kohler Arts Center

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