Rene Mäe and Norman Orro

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Rene Mäe and Norman Orro

Work from Xenotica, Excavation, Exegesis, Exopolitics at Konstanet

“During the last two years the village of Katonah has been the hotspot for Exxon, ConocoPhilips and others to look for new sources of oil. In the course of excavations new non-human osseous material has been discovered”, professor of archaeology Peter M. Goldingen argues. He notes that some of the archaeological findings are now investigated by Exxon (and possibly others) with the purpose to “alleviate the current financial and energetic crisis” in the energy industry.1 The exegesis of Exxon’s recent frisky maneuvers suggest xenomorphism as the central term for illuminating the crucial ingredients of the current phase in its morphogenesis. Having recourse to cognitive xenoarchaeology and xenofuturology the following is proposed.

Anthropomorphism is gradually displaced by xenomorphism. When Xenos is employed as Exxon’s brand ambassador, anthromorphism’s affection to localize the strange will be replaced by xenomorphism’s tendency to first estrange but eventually eliminate the concept of locality and strangeness in its entirety. There will be a sudden turn to xenomorphism as a central term for describing and maintaining the essential closeness of humans and their non-human and particularly xenos others.

Whereas greater attention is being paid to xenoarchaeological aesthetics, the parallel move towards the establishment of xenos ethics and thus xenos rights will necessarily begin. Xenos is thus the epitome of xenos rights (in contrast to human rights) of all prospective brand ambassadors and the related.

In the present exopolitical phase mascot will be replaced bytotem, meaning that while Xenos first acts as totem (e.g. like a simple financial saver) it gradually becomes the savior. Also, exo-politics becomes endo-politics in the sense that the search for the non-human, non-animal and non-natural (intelligence) will move its focus from exopolitical to endopolitical issues.

The case of Xenos thus exemplifies that the questions surrounding Xenos no longer necessarily imply the veil of secrecy. The coalescence and further consolidation of the private and the public will legitimize xenos as taxon permanently.”

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