Rachel De Joode

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Rachel De Joode

Work from Various Qualities To Orbit The Mysterious Core

“Installation of a group of eight photographic sculptures.
The pedestals are printed, rather than produced as volumetric shapes, and the sculptures that sit on them are no thicker than the wood they are mounted to.

The sculptures are photographs of sculptures resting on pedestals; the original sculptures consist out of print out (cut-out) photographs; of partly manipulated fingers and hands that are molding clay. Other materials include: fake wood, real wood, terra cotta clay and pottery pieces, plastic terra cotta pieces, dough, plasticine, puff pastry, water, paint, glue, pigment, cement….

Measurements vary between 30 cm to 45 cm in width and 130 cm to 150 cm in height. The complete installation is about two meter in width, three meter long and one and a half meter in hight.

Materials: stick, rubber, fine art print mounted on laminated plywood (cut out by hand).” –Rachel De Joode

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