Jennifer Jupiter Stratford

Jennifer Jupiter Stratford (and various collaborators).

Work from Telefantasy Studios.

“Jennifer Juniper Stratford is a multidimensional artist based in Los Angeles. Growing up in Hollywood, she became obsessed with the dreamlike realm of cinema while simultaneously coming to grips with the industry’s grubby realities.
Her work explores this influence through photography, journalism, filmmaking, and video art. Stratford’s work has been shown internationally -notably at MoMA, Cinemarfa, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, The New Beverly Cinema, and the Spectacle Theater New York.
In 2004 she opened Telefantasy Studios, a workshop for the creation of B-movies, practical special effects, and experiments in video. The studio makes use of cast-off and obsolete television studio equipment, analog mixers, and video synthesizers which are often mixed with modern computers in search of making new discoveries in the potential of media.” – Jennifer Juniper Stratford

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