Ron Nagle


Ron Nagle

Work from his oeuvre.

“Ron Nagle’s diminutive sculptural work is colorful, ironic, and layered with texture and detail. This seminal Californian artist, working in the professional arena for thirty years,continues his fascination with intimately scaled, finely crafted objects.

All of the new works are small, but with an intensity that will knock the viewer out. Resting atop delicate platforms, these forms refer to abstract painting. The color draws the eye to the edges, and the vibration that is set up spreads across the textured surface. The artist gives them names that are often humorous, and sometimes reminiscent of song titles: Finchilada, Dust to Dusk, and Triangular Tracy.

Other pieces belong to a continuing series of Smoove Wares, a closed cup form with a square painting and additional knife-blade appendage. Reviewing similar works in Nagle’s recent New York exhibition, critic Roberta Smith wrote, “Like Frank Stella, John Chamberlain or Ken Price, Ron Nagle operates in the gap between painting and sculpture.” An unusual color sensibility continues throughout the work, showing Nagle’s mastery of complex color relationships.” – via Frank Lloyd Gallery.

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