Mårten Lange

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Mårten Lange

Work from Another Language

“In Another Language Mårten Lange examines the natural world and the sciences surrounded by it. By capturing flora, animals, and natural phenomena he creates a visual enigmatic and intimate world where the subjects are distanced from their environments; they appear as sculptures in frozen photographic moments.

The aesthetics of science and the materiality of the depicted objects are constantly emphasized and explored in Lange’s black-and-white images, which result in an ambiguous and unreal index of nature. InAnother Language, Lange reiterates photography as documenting and voyeuristic means, while he lingers upon how the visual image can capture shapes, patterns and texture. The world we are entering, the objects we are viewing, and the other language the photographs read, bring us to a secret and mythical world. The idea of ‘other language’ is thus two folded; nature and its laws can be seen as one language, while the idea of photography as a language and system is underlined throughout the project.” –Melk

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