Justin Morin


Justin Morin

Work from Poison at Galerie Jeanroch Dard.

“Justin Morin’s multifaceted work is on view at Galerie Jeanroch Dard in the frame of his solo exhibition, the second at the gallery, titled Poison. The French artist presents his delicate installations seemingly acting at the borders of different worlds. The reference to artistic movements of the past, especially those of the ‘60s, such as New York Minimalism, Californian Light and Space movement and Op art, goes together with the constant dialogue with the world of fashion: its industrial, design and imaginative nature influences and seems to inspire Morin’s production, especially in the silky colored canvases hung to the ceiling or in the “impossible” sculptural pair of shoes lying on the floor of the gallery.

The contexts of art and fashion allow Morin to explore the ideas of beauty and desire and the mechanisms of advertising and seduction. The term poison in the exhibition’s title could be understood as a criticism of the workings of the society of the spectacle, or at least as evoking the artist’s doubts as he observes a system that has become almost toxic as it tries to outdo itself turning images into a poison.” – CURA Magazine

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