Ulrich Vogl


Ulrich Vogl

Work from his oeuvre.

“Ulrich Vogl (Kaufbeuren, 1973) grew up in southern Germany. He studied in Monaco, Berlin and at the School of Visual Arts in New York. He says he inherited his artistic streak from his grandfather, who was a researcher and inventor. This familiar and romantic world belongs to Ulrich Vogl as to his works, which are a mix of invention and idyllic evocation, purified by clear and defined forms, minimal colour choices that simper away every affectation and confers the work a concise and intriguing aspect.

O.T. (2010) is a beautiful, intimate opera, a rhythm-inspired technology in the composition of slide projectors (different to each other) that set up a night view of the city, which the artist is going to describe in the interview that follows, as a world in equilibrium. This quest for harmony, compensation point of convergence between nature and science, is disseminated in Vogl’s artistic research, like a light that indicates what may be the thin line between conflict and harmony, prose and poetry, reality and imagination.

He prefers these last categories, that analyzes and provides in detail, variations, traces of which the works are scattered: the tiny holes that go beyond a tin foil create an atmosphere, a landscape, a night vision in O.T., in Fernrohr ( 2009), and in Meer (2009) are transformed in the infinite space of the kaleidoscope and the sea sight. The ability to imagine is the quality that inspires Vogl to illuminate a concrete block with the light of a projector in Observatorium (2010), to create a starry sky with a crescent moon. So he, again, combines technological and branches or plants to create shadows of another reality in Pool (2010) and generates islands and clouds from tin and sugar in Of Islands and Clouds (2008). This presence of lirism should not deceive us, since the artist does not expect to reach poetry and emotion only, but also a balance of the worlds that echo in nature, humanity, technique and technology…” – excerpted from an interview with Silvia Scaravaggi.

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