Peter Wu

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Peter Wu

Work from his oeuvre.

“Wu questions the relationship between painting and drawing. The two are interwoven, building up forms and images creating a dense space that recedes into a macabre, yet psychedelic, world of patterns, motifs and pure abstractions. It is a visual battlefield where electric color explodes through compacted and intricate ink drawings which seem to float on the surface like apparitions. Sometimes functioning like a Rorschach test, the viewer becomes indelibly involved within the act of seeing. Wu constructs an all-over composition, searching for significant new forms and combinations.

Seemingly chaotic, these paintings on the contrary are painstaking in their construction. Wu renders a tightly organized presentation of chaos. The obsessive and meticulous nature of the work is contrasted by, yet bound to, his intuitive process of creating the work. This results in a hypnotic and visually arresting experience. ” – Patrick Painter

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