Nathan Gilson


Nathan Gilson

Work from Epiphany 3000.

“Smart person : Nathan, you called me to give you an interview about your new project,
which I find very immature and arrogant. Anyway, I’m here, let’s do this quick.

Me : Hi !

Smart person : Please try to speak intelligibly, I really
don’t understand your french accent.

Me : I said «hi», and I’m from Belgium.

Smart person : I know, that’s why you’re not very smart, what is this ugly thing on the floor ?

Me : He was up there ! I woke up once and I saw him ! In my living room !

Smart person: What do you mean ?

Me : He appeared ! I was totally fascinated and at some point I could hear him whispering something.
So I came closer, put my ear against him and he said…

Smart person: Nathan, I don’t have time for that.

Me : He said that we’re all fucked up, that we’re too dumb to understand the main idea of Christmas.
He saw us begging our families and friends for expensive and useless shit
when gifts are supposed to be spontaneous signs of affection. He said that we should be freaking glad
to celebrate such a nice event when some of the Earth people are currently suffering
and that maybe we should care a little more about them. At some point I asked him why he looked so flabby and
he replied that he came because his entire planet is melting because of us.

He also said that my art is terribly bad and he selected me to create things about Christmas,
so humans would be so ashamed of me they would stop celebrating it.
I really don’t understand what he tried to tell me about gifts and stuffs
but he said that it would probably make me famous. ” – Nathan Gilson

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