Michael Sellam


Michael Sellam

Work from Science, fiction, culture, capital.

“Our civilization develops a logic of contingency, the possibility for each thing to be different. How the notion of matter is open to an economy and a thought shape at a time when everything is programmable ? Experience through art Relations tensions between science , fiction, culture and capital development , in fact, some artifice. there is may be necessary to produce a new aesthetic that is neither representative nor abstract or conditional , but constitutes a time when, more than any other , we build a world which includes our demise as a possible and coexist or chaotic forms and ordered traffic : ideas, forms , atoms, energy, genes, information .

The exhibition is conceived as a heterogeneous group which deals , among other things, flowers, tensegrity , sexual differentiation , casting hard drive , smoke, aliens, roundtrip , garment Egyptian strings, panels twin cork , forest impossible, intensive an extremely slow machine and albino alligators programming.” – Michael Sellam translated via Google.

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