Aiden Morse

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Aiden Morse

Work from his oeuvre

“It takes talent to make an articulate and humorous spectacle of the absurd. Aiden Morse, experimental artist from Tasmania, has deliberately juxtaposed the characters of his photographic dramas as objects of accident and compositions of intent. Morse confronts us with the paraphernalia of brand addictions, emulating the focus on material objects of desire, but stirring discomfort with, as he calls it, “an innate sense of wrongness”.

It might be a kind of plastic grotesque that best describes the experiments of Aiden Morse. Bizarre and hypnotizing, his disembodied limbs, suspended gestures and perpetually glistening skin leave the barely sensed note of revulsion. His projects are child’s play feigning sobriety. Though his work exists primarily in the digital realm, Aiden Morse is beginning to find expression in Melbourne’s art community, using his insatiable taste for saturated color and garish consumer artifacts as his medium”

text via WBM

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