Featuring: Gabriele Beveridge, Aline Bouvy, Hamishi Farah, Mike Goldby, Manor Grunewald, Lucy Kim, Torben Ribe, Amanda Ross-Ho, Dominic Samsworth, and Michael Staniak.

“Freedom – as defined by Max Stirner – to be truly such, cannot derive neither depend on a third-party concession. It should be solely the outcome of a self-conquest just as it is exactly for the uniqueness and, finally, for the property.

MonCheri: property. Singular, in this case made with Galerie Valentin and Jeanroch Dard. The uniqueness in question does not emphasize union itself, but rather the strength of the bond that seeks its own high standards.
As a result of its selection, the active principles of «this new property» are different and unusual, and they are oblique to the smooth correlations that develop between the multiple artworks exhibited. These elements aim to move towards the conquest of a new identity.
A unicum that neither embraces luxury nor dislocation, no trendy attitude or too human pastimes.
There is only a strong desire to experiment, without limitations.

So, this is it, the behind-the-scenes of a vibrating greatness, which acts as a unifying vehicle.

For those of you who have not yet taste this «famous praline» or for those who had not done it sufficiently, on the first appointment of YEAH and LOOK WHERE IT GOT US!, here is another chance ready to offer you the new MonCheri in all its shades, as many as those of the works in exhibition. For the moment, and due to issues of suspense, we can only reveal name and ingredients but not the procedure or the quantity.” – MonCHÉRI

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