Marina Gadonneix


Marina Gadonneix

Work from >After the Image< @ Kaune, Posnik, Spohr.

Gadonneix‘s works are dialogues within spaces staged along the boundaries of the abstract, creating interesting points of confluence between the history of photography as staging and the history of abstraction. In her series „Removed Landscapes“, only light and abstract forms remind the viewers of existing landscpaes so often only known through photography. Captions like „Niagara Falls“ or „Battle Field“ reveal what the photographed Blue- or Green Boxes simulate and help the viewer to provide the visual with content.

The landscapes are accompanied by a sound installation with texts by Marcelline Delbecq, especially written for the series of images. Between fiction and reality, real landscapes and mental landscapes, vision and drifting, the text, in its written form as well as in its form as a soundscript, may either add to or take away from the images, whose visual impact appeals to what’s happening off screen as well as to what is beyond consciousness.

„After the image“ is a body of work that shows studio installations for the documentation of art works. Again the captions refer to the not visible, absent object, which aura emanates through its surrounding construction and enables the viewer to recreate the situation before his inner eye.

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