Justin Hodges


Justin Hodges

Work from Under Construction.

“The still life has an expansive history in artistic practice, generally conjuring images of tabletops filled with flowers and wine glasses. Less obvious, though, is its ubiquitous existence as advertising, spanning the gap from print to screen.

Simply, Under Construction is a body of work, which questions the way meaning is constructed, and the schemes that are employed to make a thing meaningful. Some, images are filled with tools, which provide a litmus test for a priori understanding. Fundamentally, a speed square makes any attempt to deconstruct the squareness of a right angel difficult. Others serve to question the effectiveness of the photograph as agent of validation.

In addition, Under Construction works to recontextualize the tropes of advertising, stock, and product photography through playful reorientations andpeculiar assemblages. As such, Under Construction investigates the ways in which images are used to construct meaning, and the manner in which changing contexts alter it.” – Justin Hodges

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