Group Show @ Gladstone Gallery

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Work from Group Show @ Gladstone Gallery, New York.

“This summer Gladstone Gallery has invited Galerie Neu to present the summer exhibition at our 24th Street location. The show features a series of works drawn from Galerie Neu’s talented roster of artists, and will explore notions of place through works that draw upon re- purposed, urban, and readymade materials.

Visitors to the exhibition will first encounter John Knight’s Work, in situ, Galerie NEU/MD72/Gladstone Gallery, which will wrap around the gallery’s walls. The piece, composed of the panels of Galerie Neu’s original roof in their first location, and which was reinstalled in Galerie Neu’s second location in Mehringdamm, has been battered by weather for ten years, conveying the passage of time and exploring the way in which environment alters a place. Through its installation at Gladstone Gallery the work draws a poignant connection between the two distinct spaces.

Reena Spaulings’s series The New Dealers, a collection of twenty-two oil-based portraits on panels of well-known art world professionals, will also be on view. The series, which follows the collection of works The Dealers, draws on imagery found in or reminiscent of Artforum’s “Scene & Herd” column, creating a playful representation of the art world. The work provides a critique of manifestations of celebrity, a concept further explored in Tom Burr’s Charlotte Shifting that will also be on view, and which is composed of printouts of reproduced portraits.

In addition, a collection of installation works, sculptures, and paintings by Sergej Jensen, Kitty Kraus, Klara Lidén, Manfred Pernice, and Gedi Sibony, will be included in the exhibition, many of which take as their starting point readymade materials. Among the works on view will be Lidén’s Untitled (Poster Painting), a sculptural work created from posters she has found on the street, and Sibony’s The Revolving Rey, a panel from a trailer that Sibony will exhibit unaltered from its found state. Taken together, the works provide a profound reflection on space and time, offering viewers a minimalist framework through which to contemplate and understand our distinct contemporary moment.” – Gladstone Gallery

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