Matt Borruso


Matt Borruso

Work from House of Wax.

Steven Wolf Fine Arts presents Wax House of Wax, an exhibition of new work by San Francisco based artist Matt Borruso. The sculptures, collages, prints and paintings Borruso has constructed for this exhibition gather numerous disparate elements to form an uncanny personal universe.

In the main space, slabs of polished burl are paired with plastic reproductions of ears, candles and scythes. These precarious arrangements are supported by chipboard table bases and Plexiglas tubes. Surrounding them are images of the fantastic and domestic: macramé pot hangers, latex monster film props, feather boas, chrome furniture. Pages from how-to photography books and European cooking magazines have been incised and effaced, while posters bearing the devotion and abuse of past fans have been reoriented, their figures redacted and their seams amplified.

In the second room numerous objects are set on a single table: some found, others have been mechanically cast in black wax. Magazines lay open, the two-dimensional images on their pages sliced apart and remade as sculptural components. Replicated in mirrors, their display is both vertical and horizontal, drooping and laid out flat. Finally they enter the reaching non-space of multiplied reflections.” – Steven Wolf Fine Arts

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