Tyler Los-Jones


Tyler Los-Jones

Work from We, ourselves included at Ditch Projects.

“We, ourselves included is a meditation on landscape photography, representation and inherited assumptions about environments. These works began as typical tourist images taken while visiting Glaciers in-and-around Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay parks this past summer. The Peyto, Jumbo, Daly and Saskatchewan Glaciers are depicted alongside unnamed ice and snow deposits. These images are printed as long panoramas which are curled and folded in response to the geology of the original photograph. The final folded form is re-photographed in the studio and printed flat.

This process results in an uncanny image which reflects the uncertainty of our current ecological crisis. It is becoming more widely accepted that we are living in the Anthropocene – an epoch where the effects of human activity have registered at geologic scales. Yet in spite of our growing awareness of our embeddedness, our depictions of landscape continue to portray ecosystems as exterior, objective and dramatically disconnected from human activity. The works in We, ourselves included slowly unsettle and complicate our relationship to landscape photography by quietly bringing the unnatural aspects of our conception of nature to the forefront.” – Tyler Los Jones

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