Corey Bartle-Sanderson


Corey Bartle-Sanderson

Work from HOMEWARE_update.

“How can we determine between artificiality and the actual world? What is ‘the model’ and what form does it take? Who can we trust?

The expectations of the spectator have shifted due to the conditions of digital processes and technology. Tools such as Photoshop, the iPhone and Tumblr are constantly accommodating a new language, through which images exist in a constant flow. The consequence of this concept is that the physicality of work is steadily depleted, and contexts are repeatedly re-appropriated. The assumption is that the image will be manipulated. My work plays with this assumption and seeks a balance between realism and surrealism, combining photography, sculpture and installation. My interests comprise digital and analogue processes equally, exploring how the real can replace digital and vice versa.

In the work, it is the photograph that becomes the conditioner of the experience, directing our view of the assemblages, becoming a means of producing two-dimensional objects obtaining a physical presence. The works placed in front of the camera favour the two-dimensional nature of the photograph, emphasising the impermanence of still-life photography that only exists in the documentation. However, sometimes the works escape the framework of the photograph, becoming sculptural and occupying a physical space.

The extension of the visual sense alters the way we think and act, the way we perceive the world, making us rethink about how an object looks. We know these objects too well, acquiring preconceptions on how things should look – how they would look if you Google them. As we see these things almost 24/7 they are accepted for how they look, we don’t think twice, or question. How do we know these aren’t just imitations of the real thing? where is the real? has it been made? Some objects are left to look handmade which can be seen up close, eventually ending this illusion. In this culture of digital liquidity everything is ceaselessly duplicated, shared, and disseminated. This idea is repeated in a new environment through old methods, imposing forms of the old on content of the new.” – Corey Bartle-Sanderson

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