Jolie Dobson

Jolie Dobson

Work from the series Untitled Land.

“In the series, Untitled Land, I am focusing on the struggle between nature and civilization and the foreseeable defeat of both. Humanity‚Äôs exploitation of the natural world questions the ecological sustainability of the future. The constructed photographs represent the catastrophic event of an environmental apocalypse and critically responds to the complacency of society as we head towards our very own extinction. The work addresses my own anxieties about the environmental condition and the way our culture inhabits and dominates nature.

The composite photographs reflect the world we are physically constructing and, paradoxically, the world we are destroying. The photographs present us with the possibility of an apocalyptic world: a world of deteriorated bleak landscapes, a world of contamination, a world of death. These images are meant as cultural awareness. For me, Untitled Land functions as a catalyst for change and as a form of agency to sustain the health of the land.”

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