Arthur Hash


Arthur Hash

Work from no particularly named body of work, but a sampling of Hash’s oeuvre all conceptually related to ideas of material, design, and adornment. Much of his work involves humor, process (including DIY pieces), and the recontextualization of materials through their presentation as jewelry. Hash also maintains a blog with regular updates which offers a great peek into his process.

Work descriptions, in order:

“Different materials that evoke certain feelings in connection with the body bring into question the definition of what jewelry was in the past and is today. Metal and precious stones have historical significance and value. Jewelry throughout time defined status and wealth, emphasized important dates and marked royalty. I treat unconventional materials such as toilet paper, cigarette butts, glue, spices, cough drops, plastics and animal parts as precious as their traditional counterparts: gold, diamonds and silver. By twisting the value of materials and using them to create body adornment, I want to re-present what jewelry can become and change the stereotype of what jewelry is.”

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