Ralf Grossek

Ralf Grossek

Work from the series Collection Functional Intentions.

“The majority of our visual perceptions of the world around us is characterised by the attempt to functionalise our immediate environment. Due to the limited space in the big cities, we try to think up ways to guide traffic flows, protect property and privacy and provide security.

Everything lies close together; yet, different kinds of usage do not merely co-exist within the limited space but they have to be reconciled while still keeping up a clear distinction. The structures of our cities have grown immensely. In the course of time, the different requirements we put on our living space have come to interfere with each other. Already limited spaces of action intersect so that there is not only a need for mutual adaptation but also for systems enabling different ways of usage at the same time.

Although the presented scenes do not display people, they are evidence for the considerable amount of creativity people have to invest in order to successfully implement their intentions. The pictures tell about our environment which is animated with the human demand for regulations and functionality. ” – Ralf Grossek

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