Brea Souders

Brea Souders

Work from Islands and Streams.

“My work is concerned with private and individual psychologies, and with the human desire to deconstruct others in an attempt to understand them. I find the never-ending search for meaning to be a confusing and exhilarating experience. With each failed attempt, the world expands.

In this project, I dissect the dream journals of well-known writers, scientists, philosophers and other figures. I select potent fragments from the dreams, and then re-create them in a controlled studio environment. While working on each image, details that were left unclear in the dream description must be filled in – the color of a wall, the pattern in a sheet, the placement of an object. My choices throughout the process are intuitive, beginning with the selection of source material and carrying through to the casting of models, the props used and the general mood of each image. The resulting photographs could be seen as a distillation of the dreamer’s inner psychological make-up, however they have been tinged by the process of outside observation and analysis.” – Brea Souders

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