Jessica Backhaus

Jessica Backhaus

Work from One Day in November.

“The images from the series, “One Day in November“ is a tribute to Gisèle Freund on what would have been her 100th birthday in December 2008. “One day in November“ is a testament to the friendship between the great photographer and myself, a young photography student in Paris during the 1990’s. Intended as a posthumous birthday present, I have compiled a collection of images that are meant to convey visually what Gisèle Freund taught me and what Gisèle meant to me. Gisèle Freund herself can certainly be considered as one of the great artistic and intellectual figures of the twentieth century. Her impact can be traced to both her photographic and literary work and to her own colorful biography.” – Jessica Backhaus via WIPNYC

One Response to “Jessica Backhaus”

  1. savanna writes:

    I like the combination of colors in each photograph shown. They are really vibrant. The subjects themselves are interesting, and I like how the top three photos cause my imagination to wonder to different story lines for what is going on.