Viviane Sassen

Viviane Sassen

Work from Ultraviolet.

Sassen’s work is on view at Danziger Projects until April 10th.

“In this work she has established a visual vocabulary that is stylized, symbolic and mysterious. Her aesthetic combines a sense of childhood memory, where scenes are crystallized and highly saturated with color with a photographer’s sensitivity to the body and surface. The strong presence of shadow and darkness in Sassen’s images provokes more questions than answers. If there is such a thing as magical realism in photography, these photographs embody it.

These portraits combine the spontaneous with the staged, and often come out of ideas that Sasson carries in a sketchbook of inspirations for future compositions. These ideas are shared with her subjects as the starting point for each photograph. Critic Vince Aletti commented, “Her photographs tease convention but with witty and unexpected results, partly because her subjects are all young Africans who seem to have enjoyed collaborating with her. She tends to treat the body as a sculptural element — a malleable shape that combines with blocks of shadow and bright color in arrangements that sometimes read like cut-paper collages, bold and abstract but full of vibrant life.”” – via Danziger Projects

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