Jared Ragland

Jared Ragland

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“There may come to be new places in our lives that are second spiritual homes–closer to us in some ways, perhaps, than our original homes. But the home tie is the blood tie. And had it meant nothing to us, any other place thereafter would have meant less, and we would carry no compass inside ourselves to find home ever, anywhere at all.



Summer, 2009: I’m in New Orleans, just visiting, but I used to live here. The place has stayed with me, in me, since my first visit to the city 15 years ago. I’m staying in a tiny apartment with a beautiful red headed woman, the kind one might describe as “fiery.” She’s studying to become a nurse, and we’ll marry someday. We are just off Prytania – on the top floor of a decently-kept three story building on Philip St., and I’ve begun the search.” – Jared Ragland

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    Thanks, Jordan. Really dig your tumblr!