David Horvitz

David Horvitz

Work from his Photographs from 2009 and a bonus screen capture. Horvitz also has some other fantastic projects/performances/interventions on his website.

All photographs can be seen on this blog.

Printable files (in zip) can be downloaded here.

A selection of 51 photographs from 2009 printed at 4″ x 6″ and contained inside a box.

To produce your own set:

print all 51 photographs at 4″ x 6″ from the zip file linked above (this can be done inexpensively at a drug-store’s photo-lab)
print the list file on a standard sized paper (inside of zip file)
get a box from Paper Presentation: 23 West 18th St., New York, NY 10011. (212) 463-7035. Item information: 65-641 gift box/ jewelry – ux box jade kraft – 6x5x1 – $3.15
put all inside box

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  1. Ian writes:

    You know, it should read, "tolerant of things that are mundane". Is that the gag?

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