Guillermo Faivovich

Guillermo Faivovich

Work from Cubo12 and Rod.

“Based on the architect Clorindo Testa‚Äôs unrealized plans for the renovation of the premises on which the work takes place, FMV generated a permanent space consisting of 144 square meters of white paint on the exact site where the Centro de Artes Integradas at the Universidad Torcuato Di Tella would have been located. “


“By means of the installation of a system of walls, the exhibition space is modified so that it has two differently-lit rooms through which to circulate; in this space, an arrage of five photographic works unfold. The space and time of the exhibition appear to be the only connection between the works given the diversity of their themes, techniques, and processes as well as the years when they were produced.”

both texts Guillermo Faivovich

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