Vincent LaFrance

Vincent LaFrance

Work from his oeuvre.

From an excerpt from an interview at Too Much Chocolate:

Radeq Brousil: Vincent, your works are filled with a certain type of irony and poetry. How would you describe your work to a person who has never seen your work before?

Vincent Lafrance: I am usually trying to avoid doing this. My work has gone in many directions and I hardly make sense of it; appart [sic] from it being indicative of my behaviour. I use art to filter my reality, it’s broad, it’s diversified. I have short and intense interest for things. But if I have to make an effort for you because you once invited me over in your family for easter I would say that I often use humor, visual gags and parody. My work also implies the vision itself, I use photography to underline aspects of my visual environment. I like watching. For me, seing [sic] is thinking. Somehow I am interested in perception, I create illusion and try to elaborate visual complexities. A lot of my pictures are about construction, like still life. I may be eclectic but I am also and deeply a traditionnaI [sic] photographer. I use film most of the time and print it directly on photo paper. I care about the surface. My discourse seems really inherent to the medium of photography, also because of the multiple reference to photography history. Now to end on something else, when I talk of my work to someone who doesnt know me, I usually try to speak about the present, about what I am doing now. It gives people a better sense of what you are interested in. It makes them believe that you are busy. We are attracted to busy people, we want to have a bit of their attention.

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