Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus

Work from his show at RENTAL.

“Using the spectacle of a motor vehicle crash as a stand in for the spectacle of art making, Kraus has created a new body of work that investigates modes of production and audience.

The exhibition at Rental in New York consists of sculptures made from pieces of metal taken from cars and motorcycles involved in real crashes. The motorcycle “pieces” are cast in clear plastic and cement- which mimic the production model used in the development of the bikes, only in these works the dents and scratches from the accident are included. Also by including the original as part of the work, Kraus takes what appears to be a multiple and creates singular art works.

Betamax video stills of audiences taken from staged stunts from the 1960’s and 1970’s complete the exhibition in a blur of abstracted viewership. Although the stunts themselves have been removed the anticipation of the audience remains…” – press release from Rental

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