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Roman Signer

Roman Signer Work from Signer’s Suitcase (film by Peter Liechti) “Well-known for his artistic interventions since 1981, Roman Signer (St. Gall) is meanwhile considered one of Switzerland’s most prominent artists. Taking sculpture as his point of departure, Signer preoccupies himself with energy processes or ‘events’ as manifested in the actions he stages. His investigations of […]

Jason Kraus

Jason Kraus Work from his show at RENTAL. “Using the spectacle of a motor vehicle crash as a stand in for the spectacle of art making, Kraus has created a new body of work that investigates modes of production and audience. The exhibition at Rental in New York consists of sculptures made from pieces of […]

Kate Steciw

Kate Steciw Work from her oeuvre (and her Tumblr). “Photographically, and aesthetically, I am interested in making a photograph “other” letting it move beyond the 2D and exist in 3 and even 4D spaces or implied spaces but also juxtaposing the mundane or expected with the altered or intangible.” – Kate Steciw via P.S.1 via […]