Lello / Arnell

Lello / Arnell

Work from Vice Admiral Francis Drake’s Expedition to the South Pacific Aimed at the Disruption of Spanish Exploration and Conquest, which I believe is a subset of Rediscovery.

“A series of three photographies using the «adventures» of the explorer / pirate Francis Drake in the 16th century as a point of departure. A chaotic and difficult to follow chain of events is constructed as a cause and effect machine. The idea is to recreate a chain of events from history.

Necessarily, it will be impossible for the viewer to interpret and understand the actual events represented, as can often be the case with history itself. History is, in spite of often being read as cold, hard fact, a highly subjective field, where rewriting, omitting and forgering actual events is not unheard of. Re-interpretation of history, and re-discovery of truth, remains an ever-lasting task for historians.

History often reveals itself as far more unprecise than we would like it to be, as is also the case with this piece.” – Lello / Arnell

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