Michael Bell-Smith

[qt:http://www.michaelbellsmith.com/media/electricity_in_the_air_web.mov 600 360]

Michael Bell-Smith

Work from his oeuvre.

Also, http://www.oonce-oonce.com/.

“Michael Bell-Smith’s digital video, installations and prints evocatively embody our cultural and technological moment. Investigating the circulation and proliferation of images and sound, he charts a history of the viral growth of digital content, from the earliest computer games to the latest online applications. He draws upon Romanticism, Pop, and Minimalism to reflect upon the artist’s role in the development of new forms. Simultaneously establishing and dissolving the sense of a digital sublime, he mixes opposing features – flatness and depth, limited and limitless perspective, color and monochromy, motion and stasis, repetition and singularity – in dynamic meditations upon the image’s hold on truth.”

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