Josh Kolbo

Josh Kolbo

Work from oeuvre

“When looking at images of the past, one becomes aware of our collective ability to elegantly compose recipes of artistic intention. Progress takes precedent over contemplation and experience, and we are acute to symbols rather than with what they signify. If the notion of progress is eliminated, what becomes of artistic intention?

This uncertainty is what I take to be the starting point for my most current body of work.

Recently I have been making photographs, videos, sculptures, and paintings simultaneously. In some of the work, I have looked to follow my own perceptions about mistakes and misinterpretation. In other instances, I have looked towards genre as a historical method to further categorize experience. In a similar way, I’ve looked to use the Internet as a structure to further diversify my work and focus more specifically on the way we perceive and use images. Each piece presented here represents a specific, and often contradictory, thought and process that aims to reflect a constant effort to ask the legitimacy of intent and purpose.” – Josh Kolbo

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