JD Walsh

JD Walsh

Work from Slow Fade / Double Waltz.

“Walsh is an artist who navigates smoothly between mediums while leaving a trail of great works. He’s a kind of mad scientist mixing up a fresh pop brew of interactivity, projection, appropriation, music, origami, and installation. Whether he’s playing a search engine or a guitar (clearly, his avatar is John Cage), Walsh is happy to reach into the chaos and “tune in meaning.” Underground and busy, last year he made one of my favorite videos, Untitled RPG. This year, he unplugged with stunning silk-screen constructions exhibited in the back room of a Brooklyn bodega. But his most widely unknown accomplishment of late is “Tune Up,” an infectious and demented jingle for NYC dermatologist Dr. Zizmor. I can’t get it out of my head.” – Tony Oursler


Double Waltz:

First, I select two texts. These could be taken from anywhere, and could be any type of text: interviews, stories, manuals, etc. Custom written software is made to weave these two texts together, one word at a time, in groups of three. The pace has a certain rhythm. The cadence is in a 3/4 time signature, like a waltz.

The computer can choose certian things: the word, the font, the shade of grey, the background color. The video is designed to never repeat. – JD Walsh

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