Adam Cruces

Adam Cruces

Work from his oeuvre.

“The conceptual interests of my current body of work have surfaced from an obsession with space-time. In earlier projects I had dealt with space and time more directly in relation to perception, by creating video installations. But recently I’ve been more intrigued with how people use their (personal) space and (personal) time, which has led me to the computer and Internet.

Just like other artists of the past, my work reflects the environment I inhabit. Today, this means a world of human-computer interaction. I’m fascinated by the aesthetics of operating systems (desktop wallpapers, screensavers, alert sounds, etc.) and the readily available functions of the software (stock tools and effects/ filters). These elements create an atmosphere for the user that is highly specific and dynamic, while remaining neutral and subtle, waiting to be customized and activated. These are the qualities that inform my visual vocabulary.

The sources of my work are almost always taken from the web in some form – a song I enjoy, a video of something I saw in person, or just a JPG from Google image search. When I apply the tool to the subject, it often yields two different results – funny/ direct or serious/ abstract. My goal is to have the two meet and communicate beyond the sum of their parts.” – Adam Cruces

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