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Daniel Freytag

Daniel Freytag Work from Monolith Alright, I am going to take a quick stab at this work based purely on how the aesthetic of these pieces fit in the scope of contemporary works. However, this particular aesthetic (similar to the superdutch) has a loose connection to the remainder of Freytag’s work. What I find most […]

Jessica Labatte

Jessica Labatte Work from her oeuvre. “My photographs are formalist explorations of everyday objects and materials that engage the subjectivity and experiential qualities of matter. Juxtapositions of content, form, and color imbue dynamism into the still life tradition in their ability to place a still object into a state of becoming. In this state of […]

Lars Tunbjörk

Lars Tunbjörk Work from The Office. “Tunbjörk’s images observe the sterile interiors of nameless business offices that, though different in name, share a lexicon of commercial iconography: neon lights, industrial ventilation systems, thin metal framed windows, computers, filing cabinets, and—most pronouncedly—white and grey cubicles. The series remains firmly grounded in this commercial world with little […]