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Thomas Galler

Thomas Galler Work from Sunset Series / Bright Star at Hauser Gallery. Note for above images: Bright Star (first three images) precedes the Sunset Series (last two images). “”There is nothing quieter than a loaded canon.” – Heinrich Heine In his picture set, “The Sunset Series”, Thomas Galler juggles expertly with the products of the […]

Sam Durant

Sam Durant Work from Proposal for Public Fountain at Sadie Coles. “Sam Durant’s third exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, Proposal for Public Fountain, centres on a fountain sculpted from black marble – a prototype for a larger installation in a public setting – together with a series of related graphite drawings. The structure features a reproduction of an armoured water cannon, which […]

Marysia llewandowska and Neil Cummings

Marysia llewandowska and Neil Cummings Work from Museum Futures. “It explores a possible genealogy for contemporary art practice and its institutions, by re-imagining the role of artists, museums, galleries, markets, and academies in the world dominated by a shrinking public sphere.” – Marysia llewandowska via i heart photograph.