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Cosmo Whyte

Cosmo Whyte Works from his oeuvre. “I am a trans-disciplinary artist who employs drawing, performance, and sculpture to create conceptual work that explores how notions of identity are disrupted by migration—particularly migration as an unfinished arc of motion whose final resting point remains an open-ended question. I situate my work in the liminal space between […]

Marc Swanson

Marc Swanson Work from his oeuvre. “Drawing variously on the traditions of Joseph Cornell, Robert Rauschenberg, Lucas Samaras, Kenneth Anger and Bruce Connor, Swanson’s work is an elaborate marriage of diverse materials and ideas. Swanson identifies chiefly as a sculptor, but he also makes films, photographs and complex installations… …Despite its diversity, Swanson’s body of […]

Eva Stenram

Evan Stenram Work from her oeuvre. “Eva Stenram was born in Stockholm and currently lives in London where she received an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art. She uses image manipulation to explore photography as a medium of flux, inconstancy and transformation. In addition to creating her own photographs, Stenram often utilises […]

Kori Newkirk

Kori Newkirk Work from his oeuvre. “Newkirk’s work often explores and questions the meanings of material and how this meaning is influenced and transformed by the form that it ultimately takes. With Mayday, worn white t-shirts have been used to speak about not only the recent past but also the very real present. Located directly […]