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New Media Lecture Series – Jeremy Bailey

This is the first (rather, the first successful screen recording*) in what I hope is a series of lectures and artists talks @ The University of Cincinnati that I will post along with some work from each artist/curator and suggested readings. *my apologies to Nicholas O’Brien and Lindsay Howard for the technical problems. They are […]

Anthony Antonellis

Anthony Antonellis Work from Photoshop Skillz. “Photoshop Skillz is lowfi video artwork which showcases the artist’s skills using Photoshop’s basic tools and filters. The work demonstrates the visibility of the artist’s hand in new media.” – Anthony Antonellis

Paul Destieu

Paul Destieu Work from his oeuvre. “(RE)MAKE Tutorial ” is a multimedia piece entirely based on popular, free and available web found elements : a software for image retouching, an online music listening platform, and a picture found on internet. … This work appears as a “work in progress”, an accidental proposition, similar to a tutorial through […]