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Ryan Perez

Ryan Perez Work from B.O.G.O. Vision “There are three pieces in the series, each using color and form to play with symmetry and compliments: the pink and green set are abstracted lean-tos in a light watermelon scenery, one set sees purple and yellow backdrops with artist’s frames that serve as structure for a building, and […]

Nina Beier

Nina Beier Work from her exhibition at Standard (Oslo). “STANDARD (OSLO) is proud to announce its frst solo exhibition with Berlin-based artist Nina Beier. Entitled “Bleeding Clothes, Drowning Coins”, the exhibition is comprised of framed works and sculptures from her recent series, “Portrait Mode” and “The Demonstrators”. Making the claim that one must kill an […]

Sophie Barbasch

Sophie Barbasch Work from her oeuvre. “In her statement for this body of work, Barbasch wrote: I started this project to understand how three people could share the same emotional narratives and never see or speak to each other. Coming to terms with our separation has meant normalizing an inexplicable void… I hope to show […]