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Beatrice Marchi

  Beatrice Marchi Work from “Che cattiva Katie Fox” at Gasconade, Milan. ““Che cattiva Katie Fox” [How mean Katie Fox is!] is the first solo exhibition by Beatrice Marchi; and is the first exhibition hosted within these walls to be worthy of the sequence of hashtags: #dance #sex #art #pop #tech. Ça va sans dire, […]

Rob Pruitt

   Rob Pruitt Work from “The Suicide Paintings” at Massimo De Carlo “Massimo De Carlo gallery in London inaugurates its new season with The Suicide Paintings by American artist Rob Pruitt. Pruitt in his third show at Massimo De Carlo presents new paintings that explore infinite space and blankness, purity and pollution, and optimism and […]

Priscilla Tea

  Priscilla Tea Work from her oeuvre. “Priscilla Tea is a young painter who lives and works in Milan. Her large scale canvases are often a collision between digital gestures and painterly gestures, but generally speaking, her concern is with the idea of painting-after-internet. Priscilla is focusing her work on a painting practice premised on layers, […]