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Megan Francis Sullivan

   Megan Francis Sullivan Work from “Dropping Syllables” at Matthew, Berlin. “On the exterior of Mathew, the colors of the Jamaican flag wrap the side window, projecting to the surrounding neighborhood. In the moment of the FIFA World Cup, flags call messages throughout the cityscape.   Based on a version of artist Tom Burr’s Screens, […]

Valerie Snobeck

Valerie Snobeck Work from her oeuvre. “The partially erased mirrors in Valerie Snobeck’s first New York solo flirt with avant-garde chestnuts like Duchamp’s “Large Glass” and Robert Rauschenberg’s “Erased de Kooning Drawing.” And as Ms. Snobeck deploys them in a scattered installation of wall and floor sculptures, they also perk up a tired post-Minimalist idiom. Ms. Snobeck’s technique depends on […]