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Sonia Delaunay

Sonia Delaunay From top to bottom: Blanket (1911), Solar Prism (1914), Electric Prisms (1914), Rhythm (1945) “A world of color would be ideal, where one could create emotions accordingly. We could live by impressions the way a blind man lives by touch. We could vivify or seduce, transmute or emote, the possibilities are endless. A world of color so fine and […]

Aditya Pande

Aditya Pande Work from his oeuvre. “Most of Aditya Pande’s works can only be described as oxymorons: elegantly grotesque; digital primitivism; controlled spontaneity; intricately ordered anarchy. In his works, Pande balances his every movement with its opposite. The works combine the skills of drawing and printmaking with the surfaces of both photography and painting. Aditya […]

Jaroslav Kyša

Jaroslav Kyša Work from his oeuvre. “Direct observations of my surroundings, which I modify and mould via installations and action. These arise according to current situations of a city, place or how I feel. As a specific source of inspiration, the interest in ways of executing and logic of creation process. The time spent in […]

David Raymond Conroy

Davi Raymond Conroy Work from his oeuvre. “From spiritual transfiguration to critical resistance, some form of distance has always been attributed to the artwork. This distance has historically been considered somewhat revelatory in that it announces a beyond that might open to either sacred or secular enlightenment, and perhaps more recently politics. That the artwork […]