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Guan Xiao

Guan Xiao Work from Survivors’ Hunting “Entering Guan Xiao’s solo exhibition, ‘Survivors’ Hunting’, at Magician Space felt like stepping into a crime scene. It would have taken a detective’s eye to establish the intricate and mysterious connections among the mesmerizing mixture of objects the artist had left behind in the small gallery. Every object there could […]

Clemence Seilles

Clemence Seilles Work from Monmumenta. “Is the fluent continuation of datscha, from a landscpaes, the elements got isolated for individual compositions. There are suggestions of assembled poetry from the DIY shops synthetic stones, garden pavements, building bricks, trashed pieces of road, building site left over… all come together to form their own monument, thought as spontaneous […]

Jan Kempenaers

Jan Kempenaers Work from Spomenik. Buy the book here. “Powerful photographs of mysterious monuments in former Yugoslavia. Willem Jan Neutelings, quoted from this book: “The Antwerp-based photographer Jan Kempenaers undertook a laborious trek through the Balkans in order to photograph a series of these mysterious objects. He captures the Spomeniks in the misty mountain landscape […]