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David Adamo

David Adamo Work from his current exhibition at Untitled. “UNTITLED feels at home in presenting an exhibition of a new body of work by David Adamo, his second at the gallery. For this exhibition Adamo has taken something enormous made by something small and translated it into something small made by a person—the termite mound. Termite […]

Diana Thater

Diana Thater Work from her oeuvre. “Diana Thater’s video installations describe a technologically mediated nature while revealing the mechanics of media representation. Thater has applied red, green, and blue colored gels—representing the elemental palette of video—to the glass walls of the museum’s café, transforming the entire space chromatically while at the same time, introducing us […]

Colleen Plumb

Colleen Plumb Work from Animals are Outside Today. “I began this project in 1997 looking at ‘fake nature’, wondering what substitutions for nature can satisfy in people. Looking deeper I began photographing real animals and how they can be a link for us to a world far from the reality and pace of contemporary life, […]