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Seth Adelsberger

Seth Adelsberger Surface Treatment @ Springsteen Gallery “Surface Treatment examines the chemical and scientific properties of painting. The Submersion paintings are the result of a refined procedure that is a combination of washes, staining, and the gestural application of gesso. The paintings are created in batches of 3-6. Some paintings in each batch succeed, while others […]

Akihiko Miyoshi

Akihiko Miyoshi Work from Abstract Photographs “Throughout my career I have been exploring the intersection between art and technology most frequently dealing with issues surrounding photographic representation. My works often reveal the conventions of perception and representation through tensions created by the use of computers and traditional photographic techniques.The photographs included here are of mirrors, […]

Anders Clausen

Anders Clausen Work from “Year of Cooperation” at Broadway 1602. “Made on a giant inexact industrial printer (it can turn turn greytones into yellow), and printed onto a form of upvc canvas that could be the hoarding that covered a Doges Palace in scale and durability, Anders Clausen’s ‘Color Picker’ works draw on computer software icons, desktop […]

Timothy Evans and Daniel Eatock

Timothy Evans in collaboration with Daniel Eatock Work from RGB Transition. “RGB Transition is a great minimalist piece created by Timothy Evans in collaboration with Daniel Eatock. They used only three colors; R, G, and B, and then 50 common video transitions to animate it. I really love this simple way and powerful result! “A video image consists of three primary […]