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Chad Wys

Andrew Lewicki

Andrew Lewicki Work from his oeuvre “Through an exploration of the language of material, meaning of form, and viewer reception, I investigate the overlapping space between social symbolism, functional intent, and reckless imagination. Using sculpture, site specific installation, and photography I explore ideas on longing and desire, notions of inferiority in a materialistic society, and […]

Justin Kemp

Justin Kemp Work from Adding to the Internet “My art is kind of like listening to someone speak with an English accent, because at first, it sounds kind of smart, but after a few minutes it just sounds a little funny.  Sometimes people laugh at someone with an English accent instead of laughing with them, […]

Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker Work from his oeuvre. Make sure you head over to his website, the titles of the work are remarkable. “With his keen eye for pop culture and irreverent humor, Eric Yahnker‘s current exhibition of highly-detailed pencil drawings and conceptual sculptures at Ambach & Rice Gallery taps into a zeitgeist also seen in the […]