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Claus Rasmussen

Claus Rasmussen Work from his oeuvre. “With the dominance of mass produced and pre-manufactured goods, measures, rules,and a set of well-defined production standards have become the foundation oftrade and a free market economy. Pre-fabricated garments, furniture or evenhouses are easily and cost-effectively produced – mostly by machines – andconsumed en masse. Rasmussen confronts the accompanying […]

Josh Kline

Josh Kline Work from his oeuvre. “Typically, when an art work is referred to as being ‘of the moment’, it’s meant derisively. Our romantic ideals require art to transcend culture and time, to live on eternally rather than in a fashionable present. ‘Dignity and Self Respect’, Josh Kline’s first solo exhibition in New York, unapologetically […]

Album #2 Same/Same

Album Magazin Work from Album #2 Same/Same. “Album #2 examines the question of the singularity of photographs: How new and unseen can pictures still be today? Which artistic possibilities lie in the doubling of motifs? Which concepts play with repetition and recognition? With »Same/Same«, we curated positions of photographic and theoretical works dealing with the […]